A singular image you will keep thinking about long after you leave its presence. Tranquility combined with the sound of gentle strings will suffuse the room where this is hung. A magnificently framed original gouache – strikingly offset by a mat and matching fillets – this is a very special opportunity to own a Timothy Martin original at a very attractive price. Normally a piece of this caliber in a museum-quality frame sells for $15,000, but it is on special sale for just $7,500. Make it yours!  Framed, the piece measures 32” X 42”.


  • This is an ORIGINAL artwork.
  • It is framed under glass in a gold-leaf frame that includes a mat and fillets (small piece of mouldings that fit against the mat to match the outer frame.)
  • Frames used on originals are top-of-the-line, museum quality frames. The framing on this piece is exceptional and adds significantly to the value of the piece.
  • Please note that the non-professional photograph of this work is primarily to show the framing treatment, not the image itself. A better representation of the image can be found elsewhere on the site or below the framed image shown.
  • Framed work is sold as-is. Framing substitutions will be made at an additional cost. If you wish to change a frame, ask when you place your order and we’ll get back to you with options and prices.